The House of Bouton

The hand-printed kitchen.

Est. 2008

Our Story

'The House of Bouton' was created in 2008 by Maine printmaker, Cassie Bouton.   She began peddling her wares on Commercial Street in Portland, and quickly branched out to be picked up by national and local retailers alike.  Her work has been featured in Apartment Therapy and Country Living Magazine.  

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Her designs are inspired by the stories she heard growing up about her Great Aunt Adelaide, television's Betty Crocker in the 40's and early 50's, and her love of all things cooking related.  Her designs are both nostalgic and modern.  

The House of Bouton has recently expanded to a full line of kitchen textiles.  These products are fair-trade, sustainable and printed using green printmaking processes.



Beautiful & Sustainable

All our products are created in house, with sustainability in mind.  All our materials are sourced from the USA and we can assure fair labor practices.  All of our printing is done using non-toxic, water-base inks and green printing processes.  No solvents or spirits in my house!

Style & Quality

From the beginning we have defined our aesthetic with the unbleached cotton we print on, and the natural craft paper and hemp twine we use for packaging.  All of our products are designed to be decorative and durable, our hand drawn designs are timeless.

100% Handmade

Our products are truly handmade, from stitches to stamps.  We begin by cutting handmade patterns and screen printing our original designs.  Our products are then assembled, sewn and packaged in house.

Sewing Machine + Printmaker = Handmade

Made in Maine, USA.


Have nothing in your houses that you do not find to be useful or believe to be beautiful”

Maine Printmaker Cassie Bouton opened The House of Bouton in 2008.